UPDATE: Richard Wright Conference (France) (1/15/08; 6/19/08-6/20/08)

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CFP: Richard Wright Centenary Conference (Paris, France) 1-15-08; =

Richard Wright: The Centenary Celebration


The American University of Paris announces the International Richard =
Wright Centennial Conference. It will be held 19-20 June 2008 at The =
American University of Paris and at the Mus=E9e des ann=E9es trente =
(Museum of the Nineteen Thirties), in Boulogne-Billancourt.=20


The Conference will encourage broad international and interdisciplinary =
explorations of Wright's life and writing, with a special emphasis on =
the Paris he inhabited (1947-1960), both what it was and what it is =
today as a result of the marks he left behind, and on his experiences in =
Africa. Stressing the importance of Richard Wright, the conference hopes =
to be an international point of intersection for all those interested in =
Wright's work from literary and cultural critics, to political =
activists, poets, musicians, publishers and historians. We seek the =
widest range of academic and public intellectual discussion around =
Wright's work which has influenced so many and so much.


Topics may include, but are not limited to:


Wright in the Black Atlantic: Transnationalism and Transatlanticism

Wright and expatriate Paris=20

Wright as exile and travel writer

The reception of Wright's work in various non-U.S. settings

Wright and African American Satire, Irony, and Comedy

Wright and the African American Literary Canon

Wright, Whiteness, and Black Masculinity

Wright and African American Confinement Literature

Wright, Gender, and the Political Use of Modernism

Wright's Cultural Criticism

Wright and Literary Friendships and Influences

Wright and Films

Wright and Teaching Pluriculturalism

Wright's Influence on the World Today




Paper/presentation proposals should include:

  1.. A brief (250-300 word) abstract.
  2.. A brief (1-2pp.) vita.

The deadline is January 15, 2008. Submit abstracts to:


Alice Craven at





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