CFP: Canadian Prairie Literature (6/15/07; collection)

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Sue Sorensen
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New Approaches in Canadian Prairie Literature: A proposed title from CMU Press in 2008

This volume of essays will seek to be a practical and provocative consideration of where Canadian Prairie Literature is now situated. Following the first wave of post-1967 Canlit success, does the next generation of scholars and writers have a distinct personality? What is being taught, both at the university and secondary level? What sort of research is causing the most excitement? What is the state of prairie publishing? of playwriting? How do scholars and writers now react to landscape? to the interaction of First Nations voices with descendents of European settlers and with more recent immigrants? to the ideas of postmodernism and postcolonialism? Do critical works like Laurie Ricou's _Vertical Man, Horizontal World_ or Robert Kroetsch's "The Fear of Women in Prairie Fiction: An Erotics of Space" still provide viable approaches? Is there a particular kind of spirituality in evidence in prairie lit?

Papers that investigate helpful classroom strategies are particularly welcome. But proposals on all aspects of Canadian Literature from the prairies are sought. The following list is meant to be suggestive only:

Is it time for radical new considerations of classic texts like As For Me and My House and The Stone Angel? What is the current reputation of Nellie McClung? Frederick Philip Grove?

How do the other arts on the prairies (film, music, dance, painting, etc.) relate to fiction, poetry, and drama?

What is "Post-Prairie"? A recent Talonbooks anthology by this title suggests that prairie poetry has gone beyond "place" and is re-inventing the notion of "home place."

The success of Regina mystery writer Gail Bowen suggests a hunger for prairie detectives. What does a prairie mystery look like?

What is the state of children's literature on the prairies?

DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS: 06/15/07. Please submit proposals (500 words maximum) and a CV by e-mail or regular mail to: Dr. Sue Sorensen, Department of English, Canadian Mennonite University, 500 Shaftesbury Boulevard, Winnipeg MB R3P 2N2

DEADLINE FOR COMPLETED PAPERS: 12/31/07 (with publication expected in fall 2008). The finished papers should be approximately 5000-7000 words in length.

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