CFP: Erotica and its Discontents (4/1/07; collection)

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CFP: Erotica and its Discontents

Contributions are sought for a collection of essays entitled Erotica and its Discontents: Sex and Censorship in the Italian Renaissance. Whether re-elaborations of classical themes or expressions of contemporary issues, the erotic had a profound impact on the imagination of the Italian Renaissance and manifested itself across a variety of disciplines. Consequently, it elicited much elaborate treatment and debate that ranged from the secular to the spiritual, from the erudite to the obscene. In order to provide a thorough cross-section of the phenomenon, we seek articles that treat the erotic in all its carnal and conflicting splendor. More specifically, we are interested in studies that address the artistic, literary, scientific, philosophical, and legal articulations of the erotic in fifteenth and sixteenth-century Italy. Subjects for discussion may engage the erotic through analyses of scholarly treatises, religious doctrine, sermons, legal issues, social practices, u!
 rban planning, early modern revisions of ancient pederasty, misogynistic texts, theatre, music, the visual arts, etc. We are particularly interested in historically based articles but interdisciplinary approaches are very welcome. Preference will be given to fifteenth and sixteenth-century sources in Italy. Please send a 250-word proposal by April 1, 2007 to:
Robert Buranello and Gerry Milligan
Department of Modern Languages-2S
College of Staten Island
City University of New York
2800 Victory Boulevard
Staten Island, NY 10314
Please address all e-mail versions to Robert Buranello ( and Gerry Milligan (
The finalized articles are to be between 6000 and 9000 words in length, follow the MLA style manual, and be received by no later than July 14, 2007 at the above addresses.
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