CFP: The End of Tolerance? (5/1/07; SAMLA, 11/9/07-11/11/07)

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Steve Gallagher
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Panel Title: The End of Tolerance?

South Atlantic Modern Language Association Convention (SAMLA) November
9 - November 11, 2007 Atlanta GA.

As the new century began, 'tolerance' was supposed to pour healing oil On
American waters and enable some ground for a universal moral commitment. In
Europe, it was believed that the emergence of the European Union and the
"European Dream" would enable a culture of tolerance and a kindly
integration of The Other. The languages and beliefs of the Other were to be
embraced, even celebrated.

A few short years later, the almost frantic hopes placed in the promise Of
tolerance have been frustrated, intolerance is on the march in both The U.S.
and Europe, and the promise of tolerance appears to be Effectively dead.
Does "tolerance" have a future? And if so, what shape will it take?

We propose to interrogate the possible end of tolerance from within the
Humanities framework, though scholars from other disciplines are of course
strongly encouraged to submit their perspectives. Some possible topics,
offered only to spur possible ideas:

1. the "cartoon controversy" and the European principle of
2. the cosmopolitan tolerance of Kant and Habermas: future
3. the new scapegoats: homosexuals, humanists, undocumented
4. can tolerance work if one of the parties remains intolerant?
5. Derrida's concept of "hospitality" vs. tolerance: contrast and
6. what do the recent rumblings of a "national language" for the US
portend in terms of linguistic intolerance?
6. any other topic related to tolerance, its current state, and
Its possible future

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