CFP: Anxieties of Reference in Popular Culture (3/31/07; SAMLA, 11/9/07-11/11/07)

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Greg Wright
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Popular Culture Panel of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association:

Panel Title: Anxieties of Reference in Popular Culture

This panel seeks to theorize forms of intertextuality based on =
referentiality. The scope extends from literature to media to games to =
hybrid textual forms, looking at how cross-textual inflections create =
dialogical, revisionary spaces dependent upon-yet also outside of-the =
texts involved in the relationship. The panel explores a new =
understanding of textual plurality, on textual lineages as processes =
rather than products.

For example, anxieties of reference emerge from hypertexts, such as =
digital gaming narratives like Perplex City, as well as d=E9tournement =
media revisions like Point of Order and The Atomic Caf=E9, which =
recontextualize archival materials for progressive ends. In addition, =
forms of intertextual play emanate from revisionary texts that add or =
change the narratives of others, such as the relationships between Lo's =
Diary and Lolita; Wicked and The Wizard of Oz; and Ahab's Wife and Moby =
Dick. Similar narrative strategies arise out of sequels, prequels, =
spinoffs, homages, and parodies.

Possible questions for consideration include:

  a.. How do these referential, intertextual works redefine narrative =
borders and boundaries? How can we theorize texts that are undergoing =
constant revisions, adaptations, and recontextualizations?
  a.. What impetus drives authors to inflect their work with these =
intertextual references and revisions? Do these strategies complement or =
constrict academic research?
  a.. How are we to evaluate these works as "good" or "bad," considering =
how they are interconnected with other texts with separate critical =
frameworks? Is there an "aesthetics of intertextuality"?

  a.. How do anxieties of reference inform, create, subvert, or support =
canons and canonicity?
The deadline for abstracts is March 31, 2007.

Please visit the SAMLA website ( for more information =
about the 2007 conference.

Please send 150-250 word abstracts to Greg Wright at, =
or mail to:

Greg Wright

201 Morrill Hall

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI 48826

E-mail is preferred.

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