UPDATE: Persian Literature as (a) World Literature (4/2/07; online journal issue)

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Richard Jeffrey Newman


Persian Literature as (a) World Literature
Controlling Question: The usage(s) of and relationship(s) between the terms
"Persian" and "Iranian" in current discourse—literary, cultural, political
and otherwise—is a complex one, with each term simultaneously concealing and
revealing highly contested and politicized positions regarding the nature of
cultural, national and personal identities. The literature produced within
the space(s) defined by these positions dates back to at least the 10th
century, when Ferdowsi composed the Shahnameh using almost no Arabic loan
words, an act of literary subversion that almost single-handedly resurrected
Persian as a literary language in the face of what had been Arabic's
dominance. Today, the literature being produced within these spaces is
written in (or translated into) many languages other than Persian, in
countries far beyond the borders of the ancient Persian Empire, and by
people whose connections to whatever is defined by the terms "Persian"
and/or "Iranian" are anything but monolithic. Is it fair, then, to call this
literature a world literature? What are the implications of doing so? What
are the implications of choosing not to do so?
For a special edition of ArteNews
(www.arteeast.org/artenews/arteeast-artenews.html), the online journal
published by ArteEast (www.arteeast.org), we are soliciting submissions in
the following categories:
1. Essays of 1,000-1,500 words in response to any aspect of the controlling
2. Essays of 1,000-1,500 words that address any other aspect of
Persian/Iranian literature.
3. Poetry: 3-5 poems, including translations from any historical period,
that fall within the space(s) defined by the controlling question. The poems
need not have been written originally in English, but any non-English poems
must be accompanied by strong, literary, English translations. Translators
must show proof of the right to publish the translations.
4. Short stories or memoirs, using the same guidelines as for poetry, of
between 1,000-1,5000 words.
Submission Deadline: April 2, 2007.
Please send submissions to: richardjeffreynewman_at_verizon.net. Please put the
words ArteNews Submission in the subject heading.
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