CFP: Geographies of Modernist Periodicals (4/15/07; MSA, 11/1/07-11/4/07)

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Michael A. Rozendal
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Call for Papers: "Geographies of Modernist Periodicals"
Modernist Studies Association Proposed Panel
Annual Meeting, 1-4 November 2007 (Long Beach, CA)

This panel will look to the dynamic early twentieth century print
culture to question received versions of modernism and its relation to
geography. Particular questions could include:

--What exactly makes a periodical or little journal "modernist"? Is it
connected to geography, as Raymond Williams holds in The Politics of
Modernism that early century avant-gardes are tied to metropolitan
conditions? Do periodicals reinforce this or present a more
heterogeneous picture?
--How do the journals from the turn of the century through the thirties
engage or dismiss regional or radical traditions or publications? Does
the metropole shape the form, politics, content, communities of these
journals? Do regional publications (such as the explicitly socialist
publications from the Midwest of the US) present different communities
or forms? Is it a question of center and periphery, or does the
material present us with more dialectical possibilities, alternative
modernisms? Are there ways that these journals make or bridge these
differences visually? Do mid- or late century publications provide
different alignments?
--Given the growing electronic archive, can we begin applying some of
the quantitative methods of "distant reading" in the vein of Franco
Moretti's Graphs, Maps, Trees (2005) to the field of modernist/radical

250-500 word proposals and brief (2-3 sentence) scholarly biography to
Michael Rozendal ( by 4/15/2007.

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