CFP: The Atomic Age Area (11/1/07; Film & History, 10/30/07-11/2/08)

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Laucht, Jan
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Call for Papers


2008 Film & History Conference

"Film & Science: Fictions, Documentaries, and Beyond"

October 30-November 2, 2008

Chicago, Illinois <> =20

First-Round Deadline: November 1, 2007


AREA: The Atomic Age =20


After the creation of the atom bomb and its use against Hiroshima and =
Nagasaki in World War II, nuclear arms, energy, and science were the =
subject of countless films across a wide range of genres, from Godzilla =
and Dr. Strangelove to The China Syndrome, The Day After and 24. How did =
the movies respond to the atomic age? How did they represent nuclear =
science and scientists? Did Atomic Age films exaggerate or dismiss the =
dangers of nuclear weapons and energy? How did social or political =
events concerning atomic energy make their way into film? And, in turn, =
how did such films affect national policy or civic character? These are =
just a few questions to be addressed in this area, which investigates =
the impact of the nuclear age (1945 to the present) on society as =
portrayed through film and television. Presentations can, for example, =
feature analyses of individual films and/or TV programs from historical =
perspectives, surveys of documents related to the production of films, =
or investigations of nuclear history and culture as explored through =


Genres could include films attempting to define atomic history, =
Hollywood blockbusters, TV programs or mini-series, science-fiction, =
propaganda, instructional films, documentaries, docudramas, newsreels =
and broadcast media, war films, national cinemas, music videos, =
avant-garde films, actualities, and direct cinema.


Paper topics might include atomic war, national security and secrecy, =
atomic espionage, ethics and morals, reel representations of atomic =
science and scientists, peaceful applications of nuclear power, atomic =
fantasies, nuclear dystopia, civil defense, myths, nuclear terrorism, =
government and institutions, the anti-nuclear movement, nuclear =
accidents and near-disasters, Hiroshima and Nagasaki in memory and =
post-memory, health, safety, environment, gender, ethnicity, race, =
class, etc.


Please send your 200-word proposal by November 1, 2007 to:


Christoph Laucht, Chair of the Atomic Age Area

School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies =20

University of Liverpool =20

Chatham Street


L69 7ZR

United Kingdom

Phone: ++44(0)151-794-2404

Email: <> =20


Panel proposals for up to four presenters, are also welcome, but each =
presenter must submit his or her own paper proposal. Deadline for =
first-round proposals: November 1, 2007=20


This area, comprising multiple panels, is a part of the 2008 biennial =
Film & History Conference, sponsored by The Center for the Study of Film =
and History. Wheeler Winston Dixon, James Ryan Professor of Film Studies =
at University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and author of Visions of the =
Apocalypse and Disaster and Memory, will be a Featured Speaker. For =
updates and registration information about the upcoming meeting, see the =
Film & History website ( =
<> ).

J. Christoph Laucht
School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies
University of Liverpool
Chatham Street
L69 7ZR
United Kingdom=20

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