CFP: Current Trends in Narratology (Germany) (5/30/07; 6/14/07-6/16/07)

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Current Trends in Narratology, University of Freiburg, Germany

(June 14 - 16, 2007)



This workshop provides an overview of state-of-the-art research in =
narratology by leading scholars in four major areas of research. The =
conference will include the following sections:=20



=B7 Thursday afternoon, June 14: "Narrative and Mediality" =
concentrates not so much on fiction and film (already over-researched) =
but on drama, poetry and other media, or issues of mediality per se in =
narrative and/or narratology. Lectures include:

v Brian Richardson (University of Maryland, College Park) "The =
Poetics of Beginnings and Endings in Drama"=20

v Ansgar N=FCnning (Gie=DFen University) "The Performative Force of =
Narrative: The Functions of the Narrator in Drama" =20

v Werner Wolf (Graz University) "Narratology and Media(lity)"

v Eva M=FCller-Zettelmann (Vienna University) "Poetry and =


=B7 Friday morning, June 15: "Narrative Consciousness" focuses on =
recent research on consciousness. This may include a variety of aspects =
such as historical questions, the representation of consciousness, the =
role of consciousness in narratology, brain studies and narrative, =
cognitivist issues, empathy and consciousness etc. Lectures will =

v Richard J. Gerrig (Stony Brook University) "Conscious and =
Unconscious Processes in Readers' Narrative Experiences"

v Peter Stockwell (University of Nottingham) "Narrative Texture"

v Uri Margolin (University of Alberta) "(Mis)perceivng to Good =
Readerly Effect"

v Alan Palmer (Independent Scholar, London) "Intermental Focalization =
in Middlemarch"


=B7 Friday afternoon, June 15: "Diachronic Narratology" will =
concentrate on diachronic developments in narrative. Speakers and topics =

v Jon Whitman (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) "Speaking from the =
Dead: Malory and the Postmortems of Late Medieval Narrative"

v Irma Taavitsainen (University of Helsinki) "Narratives in Late =
Medieval and Early Modern Scientific Writing"

v Monika Fludernik (Freiburg University) "Diachronizing Narratology: =
Speech and Thought Representation in Middle English"


=B7 On Friday evening a plenary lecture will be held by Didier =
Coste (Universit=E9 Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3), entitled =
"Narratology, Western and Non-Western in Postcolonial and Globalization =
Studies: Promises and Limits."



=B7 Saturday morning, June 16: "Historicizing Narratology" will =
present historical accounts of narratological thinking. Lectures =

v Wilhelm Schernus (Hamburg University ) "Narratologie im Spiegel =
kodifizierender Schriften" (Narratology in the Mirror of Codified Texts)

v Eyal Segal (Tel Aviv University) "The 'Tel Aviv School' - A =
Rhetorical-Functional Approach to Narrative"

v Maja Nemere (Hamburg University) "The Influence of Russian =
Formalism on International Narratology"

v Sylvie Patron (Universit=E9 Paris 7-Denis Diderot) "Enunciative =
Narratology: A French Specificity"

v John Pier (University of Tours and CRAL Paris) "Is There a =
'Postclassical' French Narratology?"



=B7 The conference will close with a summary panel.


Conference fee is Euro 100. Please contact Dr. Greta Olson to register =
and for hotel information:

This workshop is sponsored by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft / =
German Research Foundation and the Universit=E9 franco-allemande / =
Deutsch-Franz=F6sische Hochschule.
Greta Olson
Runzstr. 65
79102 Freiburg, Germany=20
Tel.: ++49-761-26080

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