CFP: Modernism and Economics (4/22/07; MSA, 11/1/07-11/4/07)

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Alissa G Karl
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Call for Papers: “Modernism and Economics”

Panel proposal for the 9th Modernist Studies Association Conference in Long Beach, CA (November 1-4, 2007).

Proposals are invited for a panel that will address relationships between modernism and economics. Leaving the respective definitions of modernism and economics purposefully broad, this panel seeks new demonstrations of how these two terms â€" variously topics, disciplines, fields, systems and histories â€" might be fruitfully brought into contact with one another. In keeping with this year’s MSA conference topic, “Geographies of Visual and Literary Culture,” this panel aims to explore how economic accounts of modernism can shed light on the conceptual and historical locales, migrations and transactions of modernist cultures. Papers that explore the intersection of modernist literary/visual texts and cultures with economic histories, theories or artifacts are especially welcome.

Approaches may include, but are not limited to:

-- How economic networks, movements, technologies and actors condition the spaces and interactions of modernism
-- Economic definitions of modernism; or, can we consider modernism as an economic phenomenon?
-- How modernist practitioners engage in or render economic relationships, practices or concepts
-- Modernist responses to or critiques of economic policies, practices or theories
-- Economics as a system of (modernist) representation
-- Money, trade, commerce, markets, labor, consumption, investment, speculation or other such activities in modernist productions or practice
-- Modernism’s economic histories and contexts
-- Questions of disciplinarity: What does it mean to “do” economics? To make, read or view modernist works? How might the institutional locations of modernism and economics be pinpointed or problematized?

Please send abstracts (250 words), contact information and a brief bio to Alissa Karl ( by April 22, 2007.

Alissa Karl
Department of English
University of Washington

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