CFP: Poets & Theory (France) (6/30/07; 1/22/08-1/23/08)

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Guillaume Cingal

Conference: =93Poets and Theory=94
organized by the GRAAT Research Centre
Universit=E9 Fran=E7ois Rabelais
Tours, France
January 22-23, 2008
       This conference aims to explore the relationship between
English-language poets and theory. Many openly address technical matters
in the course of their poems=97Pope, Bishop, Ferlinghetti, Marechera=97, =
their letters=97Sydney, Keats, Dickinson, Hopkins, Lowell=97in =
and polemical texts=97Coleridge, Whitman, Stevens, Auden, O=92Hara =
Ashbery, Howe, Taban lo Liyong, Hejinian=97when they do not adopt =
if not all, of the above strategies to question their own artistic
practices. Those texts often present their authors=92 programmatic
orientations along lines that appear to conform or call into question
their own poetic endeavors. What is more, they often present poetry as a
choice medium to access the world.
       The =93Poets and Theory=94 conference will be keen to question =
texts penned by poets=97poems, translations, manifestoes, prefaces,
reviews, essays, books, etc.=97that offer up a reasoned critique of =
art in relation to their own poems as well as those of their
predecessors and their contemporaries. Discussion of the topic might
eventually confirm or invalidate Eliot=92s well-known statement that =AB
[t]he poetic critic is criticizing poetry in order to create poetry =BB
(The Sacred Wood, 1922).
       Paper proposals should be emailed by June 30, 2007 to =C9ric
Athenot ( and Guillaume Cingal

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