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Threatening Bodies Issue Announcement
Call for Papers
Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture

Reconstruction is proud to announce the publication of its Vol. 7, No. 1
(2007) themed issue, "Threatening Bodies," edited by Jennifer Musial and
Emily van der Meulen. The issue can be found at

Featured in the issue:

* Zo=EB Anderson, "Unruly Corporeality: AIDS, Immigration and the Imagined
Australian Body"
* Clare Bielby, "Attacking the Body Politic: the Terroristin in 1970s Germa=
* Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo and Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo, "Threatening Bodies
Resisting Containment: Enemy Combatants, War Protestors and Same-Sex
* Nicholas Bonokoski, "Colonial Constructs and Legally Sanctioned Sexually
Violent Consequences in R V Edmondson"
* Tara Brabazon, "Punking Yoga: reconstructing post/neo/colonial fashion an=
* Emily Churilla, "'Time in a Bottle': Temporal Discontinuities in
Narratives of Diaspora"
* Robert Duggan and P=E1raic Finnerty, "The Body of the Terrorist in
Contemporary Cinema"
* Chris Gutierrez, "Terrorizing Bodies"
* Nancy Viva Davis Halifax and Fred Yurichuk, "Realistic Possibilities of
Passing Interest" [photo essay]
* Elaine Laforteza, "The Whitening of Brown Skins and the Darkening of
* Milena Marchesi, "From Adulterous Gametes to Heterologous Nation: Tracing
the Boundaries of Reproduction in Italy"
* Damien W. Riggs, "On being acceptable: State sanction, race privilege and
lesbian and gay parents"
* Jennifer Schell, "American Fantasies of Masculine, Physical Labor and the
Dangerous Bodies of Pacific Island Whalemen in Roger Starbuck's The Golden
Harpoon and Herman Melville's Moby-Dick"
* Melissa Autumn White, "Transnational and Intimate Crossings: The
'Threatening Body' of the 'Migrant Sex-Worker'"

Reconstruction is now accepting submissions for the following upcoming
themed issues:

* Visualization and Narrative (deadline: December 15, 2007)
* Fieldwork and Interdisciplinary Research (no deadline set)

For individual CFP requirements and guest editor contact information, pleas=
check our "Upcoming Issues" page at

Reconstruction is also accepting submissions for upcoming Open Issues. The
next Open Issue is scheduled for publication in Fall 2007.

Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture (ISSN: 1547-4348) is an
innovative cultural studies journal dedicated to fostering an intellectual
community composed of scholars and their audience, granting them all the
ability to share thoughts and opinions on the most important and influentia=
work in contemporary interdisciplinary studies. Reconstruction publishes on=
open issue and three themed issues quarterly.

Submissions may be created from a variety of perspectives, including, but
not limited to: geography, cultural studies, folklore, architecture,
history, sociology, psychology, communications, music, political science,
semiotics, theology, art history, queer theory, literature, criminology,
urban planning, gender studies, graphic design, etc. Both theoretical and
empirical approaches are welcomed.

Please consult our Submission Guidelines found at

Reconstruction is indexed in the MLA International Bibliography.

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