CFP: Lies: A Conference On Art (Fiji) (4/13/07; 7/4/07-7/6/07)

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Paul Monaghan
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Double Dialogues 2007 Second Call for Papers

L I E S - A Conference on Art

at the Raffles Tradewinds Hotel and Convention Centre, Suva, Fiji

in collaboration with the University of the South Pacific, Suva

4-6 July, 2007

2nd Call for Papers
Due to the large number of responses to the first Call For Papers, we
have extended the conference to three days, and a number of places in
the program have become available. Double Dialogues (Deakin University,
University of Melbourne) in conjunction with The University of the
South Pacific therefore invites those interested in aesthetics,
philosophy, critical theory, literary studies or any area of the
visual, dramatic and musical arts to submits abstracts (200 words
maximum) on the theme of Lies.

Send your Abstracts to: Ann McCulloch ( and/or
Paul Monaghan (

by April 13, 2007.

General enquiries: Margaret Mishra (

Registration: $AUS250 / $AUS150 (student)

You may like to address one or more of the following topics (or of
course a topic of your choosing related to the theme):

¡ü The lie of the ¡Æother¡Ç
¡ü Dissembling and dissimulation
¡ü Freud and Lacan: dreams and the language of lies
¡ü The lie of the land: geographies of terrorism
¡ü Unconscious fictions
¡ü Falsehoods of representation
¡ü Forgeries and fakes
¡ü Selective memory
¡ü Nietzsche: the pretentious lie of civilization
¡ü Inventing categories and classifications
¡ü Subliminity and ultimate lies
¡ü Art and forgetting
¡ü Tragedy - veiling truth
¡ü Politics and rhetoric
¡ü The uncanny and its deceits
¡ü Sham documents
¡ü History of the lie
¡ü Rituals in theatre and dance
¡ü Maskings
¡ü Lying - left and right
¡ü Constructions: class, gender, race and sexuality
¡ü Testimonies

Double Dialogues encourages both individual and group presentations and

Keynote Presentations

Nicholas Royle, Professor of English at the University of Sussex;
author of Telepathy and Literature: Essays on the Reading Mind (1991),
E.M. Forster (1999), The Uncanny (2003), and How to Read Shakespeare
(2005), and other works. Royle is a leading thinker on the subject of
peculiar effects in art and an authority on Derrida.

Vijay Mishra, Professor of English Literature at Murdoch University,
Perth; author of Dark Side of the Dream: Australian Literature and the
Postcolonial Mind (with Bob Hodge), The Gothic Sublime, Devotional
Poetics and the Indian Sublime, Bollywood Cinema: Temples of Desire,
and other works. A leading theorist in the area of diaspora studies,
Mishra¡Çs book on popular Indian cinema is widely regarded as a tour de

Deborah Walker, award-wining Australian painter: on-site exhibition

Dance and dramatic performances, photographic assemblages, and related
critical discourses

Readings by local and guest writers, and film events

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