CFP: The Church Fathers and Early Modern English Culture (5/1/07; 10/19/07-10/21/07)

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Mitchell M. Harris
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CFP: Resurrecting the =93First Five Hundred=94: The Fathers and Early =20=

Modern English Culture, 1500-1660

In his =93Challenge Sermon=94 delivered at St. Paul=92s Cross on =
November =20
26, 1559, Bishop John Jewel argued that the English divines would =20
assert as foundational the underlying belief that the ancient Fathers =20=

were the true architects of Christianity and that the English people =20
would no longer be subjected to the medieval tampering that had led =20
the one true Church astray. =93The first five hundred years of the =20
church,=94 he would argue, =93are more worth than the whole thousand =
that =20
followed afterward.=94 We are seeking papers for a panel that will =20
address the issue of the Church Fathers in early modern English =20
culture at the Patristic, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies =20
Conference (Villanova University, October 19-21, 2007). We =20
particularly encourage papers that attempt to theorize the relevance =20
of the Fathers beyond a mere =93history of ideas.=94 Topics addressed =
may =20
include (but will not be limited to) the rhetorical, political, =20
ethical, and material uses of Church Fathers, and the influence of =20
the Church Fathers on education, rhetoric, science, the stage, book =20
production, devotional and polemical writing, women and writing, the =20
body, and the rise of capitalism. Please send 500-word abstracts as =20
Microsoft Word attachments to Mitchell Harris ( =20
and Steven Matthews ( by May 1, 2007.

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