CFP: Communicable Pleasures (4/23/07; CSECS, 10/17/07-10/20/07)

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Michelle Faubert
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Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (CSECS) conference on


Winnipeg, Manitoba

17 - 20 October, 2007


This panel, a collaborative counterpart to Tom Schmid's concurrent session
for the 2007 meeting of the International Conference on Romanticism, seeks
to explore the variety of ways in which writers communicated the many
functions and objects of pleasure in both aesthetic and somatic experience
in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. I want to explore
what constitutes "healthy" pleasure in texts from this era; what are the
cultural uses of pleasure and what risks attend overindulgence in pleasure;
how can pleasure lead or metamorphose into such dysphoric states as madness,
hysteria, hypochondria, and addiction for writers of this era? What are the
risks that attend the communication of pleasure?


I invite proposals which address any aspect of these broad concerns as they
appear in the late eighteenth-century and Romantic period, including but not
limited to proposals on such topics as:

                        - Pleasure and the aesthetics of the sublime,
beautiful, and picturesque,

- John Armstrong's "The Pleasures of the Imagination,"

            - Barthean notions of "the pleasures of the text,"

- Pleasure as a generic distinction demarcating the literary from the

- Pleasure in the physical presence of the text,

- The communication of pleasure,

- Bibliophilia, literary fetishism, and other textual obsessions,

- The relationship of pleasure and melancholy,

- Pleasure and ethics in late eighteenth-century and Romantic philosophy.


Please send 500-word proposals to Michelle Faubert by electronic submission
at the following e-mail address:


Deadline for submission: April 23, 2007

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