CFP: [Children] POLITICS & POLEMICS - CLAI Conference (India) 10-12 Jan 2008; 30 Nov. 2007

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Anto Thomas Chakramakkil
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POLITICS & POLEMICS - 2nd Annual International Conference of the
Children's Literature Association of India.
Venue & host: St.Aloysius College, Mangalore, Karnataka, Southern India.
Date: January 10th to 12th 2008.
Last date for paper proposals: Nov.30th 2007.
Send Panel proposals or paper abstracts (250-500 words) by email to
Information regarding conference fee & accommodation will be posted in by 30 Sept. 2007.

Children are told stories that would help them construct a world view, a
cultural context, to define what they are and what they believe.
Nevertheless, how much truth do we tell the children? Do not adult
politics and polemics creep in as dominant factors in children's
literature? Does children's literature promote racism, sexism, and class
prejudice? The cool, calm, coastal Mangalore seems the befitting place to
consider such provocative topics. You can also have an experience of a
typical Indian school/university campus.
Some Suggested Topics :
A. Politics in children's literature:-
1. Colonialism & children's literature, 2. Internationalism in children's
literature, 3. National identity in children's literature, 4. Politics in
children's classics, 5. Multicultural children's literature, 6. Violence
in children's literature, 7. Militarism in juvenile fiction, 8. Holocaust
B. Theory & children's literature:-
1. Cultural theory & children's literture, 2. Psychoanalysis & children's
literature, 3. PostColonialism & children's literature, 4. Postmodern
children's literature.
C. Economics & children's literature:-
1. Money in children's literature, 2. Marketing children's literature, 3.
Capitalism & children's literature, 4. The poor / rich depicted in
children's literature.
D. Sex & children's literature:-
1. Gender theory & children's literature, 2. Performativity in children's
literature, 3. Queer theory & children's literature, 4. Feminist
children's literature.
E. Ideology & Children's literature:-
1. Marxism & children's literature, 2. Ideology & childhood, 3. Hegemony
& children's literature, 4. class/race in children's literature, 5. Canon
in children's literature.

Anto Thomas Chakramakkil, Secretary, Children's Literature Association
(India), Lecturer, St.Thomas College, Trichur, Kerala, India.


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