CFP: [Children] Alice in India - Studies on the Translation of Alice in Wonderland 15 Dec. 2007

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Anto Thomas Chakramakkil
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"Alice in India" Project

Alice in Wonderland has a perennial interest in the Indian children. It
may have been the first work in children's literature that became widely
popular all over India. It has been translated to many of the Indian
languages. A close examination of these diverse translations may indicate
many things. For example, these translations will reveal how the Indian
translators have eliminated certain aspects of the western culture in
order to please the Indian adult/child audience. Indian children's
literature generally show a tendency to be didactic. However, the
translation of Alice in Wonderland may also indicate how vernacular
children's literature is breakig away from didactic strains. This work
may have influenced many vernacular writers of children's literature to a
more pleasing style of writing for children. Translation then can be
taken as a parameter to evaluate the development of children's literature
in the respective Indian language. A project of this can be undertaken
only with the help of Indian scholars residing both inside and outside
the country. Opportunities for Scholars residing in India to come
together and discuss will be arranged.
I invite studies from them ( of a length of 7000 to 10000 words)in any of
the scheduled languages of India. The study will be published as a book
by the Children's Literature Association of India by April 2008. The Last
date of submission is 15 December 2007.

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