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Vidhu Aggarwal
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Specs is a journal of contemporary culture and arts at Rollins College.

Specs aims to create sympathetic interfaces between artistic and critical
practices. The journal invokes the spirit of John Dewey, for whom thinking
begins in flux, in the "peculiar combination of the understood and

The editors invite submissions of critical and/or creative work for both
the print and web issue, including critical articles, fiction, non-fiction
(of up to 6000 works), poetry (3-5 poems) and artwork.

The editorial board consists of writers and academics from a variety of
fields. The editors are excited by specialty, an excess of detail,
fragments, narratives, meta-narratives, and pieces that blur genre
boundaries. They are also interested in works that create “interfaces”
between digital and print media and other diverse entities.

We prefer that you email your submissions as word attachments to

Please include a brief cover letter and indicate whether you wish to be
considered for either the print or web edition of the journal or both.
Please also indicate the type/genre of submission in the subject heading
(Poetry, Cultural Criticism, etc.).

You may also mail your submission (with a SASE for return) to the following

Specs--Critical Submission (Fiction Submission, etc)
Rollins College
1000 Holt Avenueâ€"705
Winter Park, FL 32789

Suppose that a stone with peculiar markings has been found. What do these
scratches mean? So far as the object forces the raising of this question,
it is not understood; while so far the color and form that we see mean to
us a stone, the object is understood. It is such peculiar combinations of
the understood and the nonunderstood that provoke thought. â€"John Dewey

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