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Frederick Young
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NJES: The Nordic Journal of English

Special Issue: Technicity, Culture, Polis: Media, Practices…

Call for Papers: Special Issue. May 2007

Guest Editors:
Danuta Fjellestad, Uppsala University
Frederick Young, Blekinge Institute of Technology

In this special interdisciplinary issue we seek essays that address the
field of media and cultural studies around the issues of technology,
culture and community. What is the relationship between technology and
culture? Do modern teletechnologies transform, or have the possibility of
transforming the culture from which they arise? Within the dynamic play of
culture and technology, how, if at all, might the notion of community, the
polis, be transformed?

And what of the status of the human? Does ‘it’ too change with
technologies? The French media theorist, Bernard Stiegler, suggests that
the ‘human and tool invent each other.’ This invention of the human and
tool also invokes the concept of community, polis, city, and what it means
to dwell, ‘the location of culture.’ Technicity implies not only tool, but
also event (a practice) in the sense of a ‘making appear.’ Our interest is
to explore how, if at all, changes in specific technologies might change
the way we understand what it means to be human, or what Katherine Hayles
has termed ‘posthuman.’ What are the implications of modern
teletechnologies, and how such inventions might and velocities transform
our notion of space and self, from the local to global.

We seek essays from a broad range of approaches in Media and Cultural
Studies that weigh in on how media is a form of practice, a transformative
medium, and perhaps, a new way of thinking about praxis. We welcome
submissions from media and cultural theory, literary studies, specific case
studies that employ teletechnologies, as well as media practitioners.

Please send 200 word abstracts no later than October 30th, 2007. (MS Word
attachment. Subject line: Nordic Journal)

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