CFP: [General] Skakespeare and Computers (11/30/07; collection)

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Jennifer Lokash
contact email: Shakespearean Authority in the Age of Computers

Call for contributions for an edited essay collection (11/30/07).

Google “Shakespeare” and you will get a staggering 51 million hits. That’s more than “Jesus
Christ,” “Adolph Hitler,” and “Tom Cruise” combined. We seek original critical essays that explore
the interfacing of computer technologies and the Shakespeare metonym: what does it mean to
study or do Shakespeare in the age of computers? How has Shakespeare’s cultural and
institutional authority been challenged and/or reinforced by listserv discussion groups, websites,
search-engine categorization, hypertext versions of the plays, digital archiving, essay bank
services, and the advent of networking utilities like Facebook? What new cyberspace economies
of knowledge and material exchange are now enabled by the Bard’s dotcom presence? Has
Shakespeare’s new digital iconicity reshaped the reception of Shakespeare (and his works),
especially when students first encounter Shakespeare mediated by the internet?

Please send 500-word proposals and a brief c.v. to either Dr. Bradley D. Clissold
( or Dr. Jennifer Lokash ( by 30 November 2007.


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