CFP: [Graduate] Demystifying Stigma: The Dilemma of Difference (deadline: 10.15.07) Arizona State University

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Nina Sabolik
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Demystifying Stigma: The Dilemma of Difference

“Multidisciplinary studies of stigma have revealed its three most important
aspects: fear, stereotyping, and social control, which are its primary
affective, cognitive, and behavioral components. These studies also assert
that, alongside the usually restrictive effect undesired differences have
on social realization and opportunities, the imposition of social control
is decisive in stigmatization. Such an approach to stigma brings forth its
complex relational framework and allows it to be understood as “not
primarily a property of individuals as many have conceptualized it to be
but a humanly constructed perception, constantly in flux and legitimizing
our negative responses to human differences.”
- Maria Todorova “Imagining the Balkans”

This panel explores the critical factors in understanding stigma, both
cross-culturally and intraculturally, as well as the psychological
mechanisms of self-stigmatization and destigmatization. How does text
(newspaper articles, travelogues, fictional work) reinforce or challenge
the stereotypes associated with stigma?
Panel proposals should be no more than 500 words and submitted by October
15, 2007. Paper abstracts should be no more than 350 words and submitted
by October 15, 2007. Please include home and office numbers, complete
mailing address, e-mail address, professional affiliation, and AV
requirements with your submission.
Please submit all proposals and any questions to,
attn: Nina.

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