CFP: [Postcolonial] The Task of the Translator in a Globalized World (deadline 10.15.2007) Arizona State University

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Nina Sabolik
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The Task of the Translator in a Globalized World

“No poem is intended for the reader, no picture for the beholder, no
symphony for the listener.”
- W. Benjamin
According to Walter Benjamin, “the task of the translator consists in
finding that intended effect upon the language into which he is translating
which produces in it the echo of the original.”
Can translators help break the myth of the Other via conscious, informed
translations which take into account the Point of View of the original
authors? How is translation conditioned by cultural, historical, or
geographic variables? Is it possible to convey a work of art in another
language without overlaying the resultant translation with the translator’s
own cultural perceptions? If it is, can translation challenge, or even
undermine, dominant cultural narratives in the United States and elsewhere
by simply revealing the face of the Other?

Possible topics: Translation and globalization, the translator’s
responsibility and/or purpose of translation, translation’s social effects,
questions of fidelity in translation, the effect of technology on translation.

Panel proposals should be no more than 500 words and submitted by October
15, 2007. Paper abstracts should be no more than 350 words and submitted
by October 15, 2007. Please include home and office numbers, complete
mailing address, e-mail address, professional affiliation, and AV
requirements with your submission.
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