CFP: [Cultural-Historical] Empire: Migrations, Diasporas, Networks; March 13-15, 2008

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Kim De Vries
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Empire: Migrations, Diasporas, Networks; March 13-15, 2008

We seek papers, panels, workshops, and artistic works that examine the
connections/disconnections between enactments and perceptions of empire
with migrations, diasporas and/or networks. We hope that participants will
address the issues of empire from antiquity to postmodernity, on every
continent and from many cultures. We also hope to look at a variety of
empires such as national, media, corporate, and technological. To situate
these topics in as broad a context as possible, we seek presentations by
scholars working in such disciplines as Anthropology, Architecture & Art
History, Humanities and Social Sciences, Computing, Economics, Education,
Ethnic & Gender Studies, Film Studies, Geography, History, Literature, New
Media, Philosophy, Politics & Public Policy, and the Natural and Physical

We also welcome panel proposals which should include a title, and abstracts
for all papers; these maybe emailed directly to Kim De Vries. We are happy
to add sub-calls to our pages. We also welcome submission of creative work;
for information on submitting sample images, video, etc, again please
contact Kim De Vries.

Suggested topics might include, but are by no means limited to, the following:

        * Diasporas and Migrations: geographic, cultural, ideological,
rhetorical, technological or other.
        * Sustainability & the Political Ecology of diasporic communities,
migrations, and networks.
        * Reverse Colonization of place, of media, of technologies.
        * Imperial Borders & Language: Dominance, Discrimination, &
        * Images of Empire in Popular Culture.
        * Teaching/Subverting Imperial Ideology: Empire, Education, &
Resistant Pedagogy.
        * Borders and "Borders" -- Theorizing Cultural Connection,
Separation, and Entanglement.
        * From Hollywood and Microsoft to DIY Videos and the Open Source
Movement: Media Empires, Rebellions, and Collaborations.
        * Home: Migration, Place, & Identity.
        * Constructing/Constricting Identities.
        * Imperialism & Visual and Musical Culture.
        * Theories of Empire: the Political, Historical, Erotic, & Aesthetic.
        * The Imperial In-Between in Drama, Fiction, Film, & Poetry.
        * Networks of Resistance: Feminist, Ecological, Ethnic,
Technological, etc.
        * Dialectism & Resistance: Black English, Chicanismo, & Linguistic
        * Technological Migrations: Empire, Film, TV, and the Web.
        * Gender & Migration, Diaspora, and/or Networks.
        * Cosmopolitanism: World Culture vs. Local Identity.
        * Imperialism, Philanthropy, & Aid.

Important Dates

Online submissions open Oct 1, 2007
Online submissions close Dec 1, 2007

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