CFP: [General] Perspectives on War: The Front (InterCulture e-journal, 11/16/07)

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Katheryn Wright
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Call for Papers: InterCulture (e-journal) for Fall 2007
Perspectives on War: The Front
Deadline for Submission: November 16, 2007

Current discourses concerning the “War on Terror” appear to describe a
confrontation that transcends spatial boundaries. As embedded reporting
brings war to the television screen and U.S. presidential candidates
campaign on the streets of Baghdad, communication technologies expand
what makes up “the front” of war. Unlike the fronts of WWI, the front
could now be anywhere.

The ubiquity of war, and more generally the influence of global
capitalism and the “free market” which informs how war today is waged,
denies a geography that exists, albeit articulated differently in
relation to the nation-state. The front isn’t everywhere, and what
constitutes the front remains culturally contingent. Given this context,
what exactly is the front? How is the concept of the front articulated
in history, geography, literature, or film? Is a re-articulation of the
front even necessary? In order to develop a working vocabulary that
attempts to come to terms with the changing geography of war,
InterCulture seeks papers and creative work that engages with the
spatiality of war, specifically the concept of the front. InterCulture
is also interested in publish reviews on relevant literature, art, or

Possible subjects include, but are not limited to:
---defining the front; the front as metaphor
---documenting the front
---the geography of the War on Terror; war zones vs. the front
---understanding the front through theories like biopolitics or
---identity (gender, race, class, sexuality) or the nation-state and the
---the home-front; commercialism and the discourse of war
---historical fronts; the fronts of global conflicts (think anything from
WWII to Darfur)
---violence and issues concerning human rights
---the front in popular culture (film, television, video games, etc)
---the front in literature (open to texts ranging from The Iliad to The
Things They Carried)
---music from the front
---sports and the discourse of war
---culture wars and their ideological battlefields

InterCulture is a peer-reviewed e-journal that publishes three issues a
year. Papers should range from 3,000 to 5,000 words. Review should range
from 1,000 to 3,000 words. All citations must use the MLA format. Please
include a 300 â€" 500 word abstract with your submission. For information
regarding the submission of creative work or other inquiries, see
the “Submission Guidelines” on InterCulture’s website.

Please send submissions via email to:
Katheryn Wright, Managing Editor

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