CFP: [Graduate] Engaging the (Theatre) Canon

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Doctoral Theatre Students Association

Engaging the (Theatre) Canon
New York City, April 4, 2008.

Sponsored by the Doctoral Theatre Students Association of the Graduate
Center (CUNY).

The goal of this graduate student conference is to address the concept and
implications of the theatrical canon, or theatrical canons. We seek diverse
and stimulating papers that will investigate how the canon is established,
maintained, exported, imported, or challenged.

Questions we seek to address include: How are theatrical canons formed? Is
there one theatrical canon? What are the ways in which traditional canons
(such as hemispheric, national, or world canons) have been formed? How does
the creation of new canons (feminist, queer, multicultural, postcolonial)
resist the authority of conventional canons, or reinscribe different
hierarchies? What are the political, economic, and/or social implications
of upholding or troubling canons? What are some of the ways canons can be
demystified, interrogated, or challenged, through pedagogy and praxis? Are
canons necessary? What kinds of cultural work does canon-formation do? Are
communities of knowledge created through canons, or do they promote
intellectual pecking orders by design? How does the "body of knowledge"
approach to theatre pedagogy compare with a skills-based approach?

Seeking a critical engagement with the subject of the conference, we invite
papers that engage with the notion of the theatrical canons and their
implications, especiallyâ€"though not exclusivelyâ€"in academia.

Possible topics may include:

* The Inscription of the Western Canon
* National and/or World Canon(s)
* Queer Canon
* Postcolonial Canon
* Feminist Canon
* Multicultural Canon
* Overrepresentation, Focal Points, and Absences in the Canon
* Demystifying the Canon
* Political, Economic, and/or Social Implications of Upholding or Troubling
the Canon
* The Complexities of Designing Theatre History Courses

Please, submit your 300-word abstract in a Word document to by December 1, 2007.

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