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The editors of Currents in Electronic Literacy (an MLA-indexed,
peer-reviewed, e-journal) seek manuscripts that address the role or the
relevance of the cultural commons for those working, teaching, or living in
a mediated age. The term itself has received attention from those on the
far left, such as Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, to those defending
free-market economics, such as Lawrence Lessig. As new media enable us to
collaborate, share information, disseminate texts, and pull from the
collective and creative resources that the humanities have traditionally
celebrated, we face new challenges on a variety of fronts. What are the
legal implications of sharing copyrighted (or copylefted texts)? What
constitutes “fair use” in an age when most cultural artifacts can quickly
be scanned and posted for public consumption? (How) are we ethically
and scholastically obligated to evaluate or cite sources that have been
read and reviewed by a worldwide community of arguably critical and
invested readers? (How) do profit (or exploitation) work when users
determine content willfully and energetically?

We encourage submission of scholarly articles and review essays (including
reviews of books, software, websites, and conferences) that relate any of
the above questions or others not mentioned to the task of teaching and

Submissions for reviews should be approximately 1500 words for individual
reviews and 2500 for omnibus reviews of multiple texts or applications and
5000 words for scholarly articles. Submission deadline is December 15,
2007. For questions or to submit reviews email

Currents in Electronic Literacy is an online publication of the Computer
Writing and Research Laboratory at the University of Texas, Austin.
Currents strives to provide a forum for the scholarly discussion of issues
pertaining to electronic literacy, widely construed. In general, Currents
publishes work addressing the use of electronic texts and technologies for
reading, writing, teaching, and learning in fields including but not
restricted to the following: literature (in English and in other
languages), rhetoric and composition, languages (English, foreign, and
ESL), communications, media studies, and education.

Currents in Electronic Literacy (ISSN 1524-6493) is indexed in the MLA
International Bibliography and EBSCO.

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