CFP: [Collections] UPDATE/2nd Call: Collection on _Fight Club_ (12/1/2007)

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Mathias Nilges
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We are seeking additional essays of high quality for an edited collection
on _Fight Club_ (novel and film). We received a surprising number of
submissions (close to 100) in response to an earlier call. We have
selected 10 essays of exceptional quality, including work by a number of
renowned scholars.

However, there remain several topics surrounding _Fight Club_ that have
thus far not been adequately addressed. We are therefore soliciting
critical essays that examine the following topics in hopes that the
completed collection will forward a rigorous critical discussion of
_Fight Club_ as a timely and controversial cultural artifact:

1. Marla Singer; given that the opening of both the novel and film
attribute a causal significance to Marla, there has been less said about
her character than would seem appropriate. While a good deal of work has
already been submitted regarding the masculine gender dynamics in _Fight
Club_, one of our hopes for the project is that it will address/remedy
the lack of attention to Marla in the existing criticism.

2. Race and masculinity. Given the lack of racial diversity in the fight
clubs and Project Mayhem, we are seeking essays that address masculinity
_Fight Club_ with a particular attention to race and/or whiteness.

3. _Fight Club_ and (crises of) political economy, political subjectivity,
focusing specifically on questions of subjectivity in late
capitalism/postmodernity and/or political subjectivity in relation to
terrorism, biopolitics and countercultural/revolutionary movements (and
commodification thereof).

4. the (political consequences of the) reception of _Fight Club_, focusing
specifically on the categories of violence and homosociality.

Please submit completed papers of ca. 7000-8000 words by December 1, 2007.

Essays should conform to the current MLA guidelines for style and format
and use endnotes rather than footnotes. Only submissions that display a
high level of theoretical rigor will be considered, as only such work
will compliment the existing essays in the collection.

For additional information please contact:

Justin A. Joyce, University of Illinois at Chicago,


Mathias Nilges, University of Illinois at Chicago,

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