CFP: [Religion] âRevelations: Discoveries in Sacred and Secular Literature & Artâ (1/21/08; 4/18-19/08)

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Heather Martin
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CONFERENCE DATES: April 18-19, 2008 at Baylor University, Waco, TX

Literary scholars, philosophers, artists, and theologians from all faith
traditions have long investigated the capacity of both sacred and secular
literature and art to reveal meaning. We welcome individual papers and
panel proposals from graduate students that deal with various traditions
and such topics as how meaning is revealed, what is the content of the
revelation, and what are the origins of meaning.

Possible paper topics may include but are not limited to:

• Potential tension between creation of meaning and discovery of revelation

• The role of language in determining, promoting, and/or inhibiting

• The nature of revelation/discovery in a text

• Iconography, ekphrasis, and revelation/discovery

• Experiences of revelation and discovery: epiphany and metanoia

• The role of revelation/discovery in a pluralistic society

• Revelation/discovery in spiritual autobiography

• Race, ethnicity and revelation/discovery

• Gender and revelation/discovery

• Irony and revelation/discovery

• Secular texts widely considered to have sacred meaning (e.g. Moby Dick)

ABSTRACT DEADLINE: 21 January 2008

Papers should be an appropriate length for a 20-minute presentation
(approximately 8 double-spaced pages). To propose a paper, please send an
abstract of 250 â€" 300 words as a Word attachment to Mary Kolner
( Include a cover sheet with your name,
institutional affiliation, contact information (address, telephone number,
and e-mail address), and a detailed request for audiovisual equipment.

The registration fee for the conference is $20.00.

Once accepted presenters have been notified, travel scholarships of $100
will be awarded to a limited number of presenters who submit exemplary,
complete papers by 18 February 2008.

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