CFP: [20th] ' Not Stopped Long'- seminar series at the ACLA Conference 2008 -

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Richard House
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"Not Stopped Long"
(Narratives of Arrival and Occupancy)

Seminar series for the ACLA Conference at Long Beach, April 24-27, 2008
Seminar leader: R. House

This seminar invites papers which consider narratives from all fields
(including: film, journalism, blogs, podcasts, novels, etc.) of occupation
from three perspectives:

The recent arrival, the immigrant, refugee, or asylum-seeker encountering
a host country,

The returning émigré, measuring past experience with present experience,

The soldier, expeditionary force, external observer or occupier arriving
'at post'.

In each case the encounter with what is new (in terms of place and
culture) will be examined against the expectation (of place and culture)
prior to arrival. Papers which consider contemporary narratives of
arrival, taking into account notions of expectation, integration, and
exclusion, will be set alongside papers which consider a history of
arrival. Subjects might include serving soldiers accounts of conflict in
Iraq and Afghanistan; films and documentaries which testify to migrant and
illegal workers'; all need to consider how the expectation of this
new culture measures against the physical encounter? Underlying these
debates will be questions of home and belonging, of authority and

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Deadline: November 15 2007

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