CFP: [Film] Negotiating the Mediascape - 2 May 2008

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Dr Andy Birtwistle

Negotiating the Mediascape - Theory and Practice Interchange in
Contemporary Media.

A one-day conference exploring the relationships between theory and
practice in a changing media environment.

Friday 2 May 2008
Department of Media, Canterbury Christ Church University

Recent developments in film, radio, television, the press and the
internet have radically transformed the mediascape. This has brought
about various challenges to established modes of critical enquiry, and
our understanding of the relationship between media theory and practice.
Negotiating the Mediascape seeks to address these changing relationships.

We are seeking proposals for 20 minute presentations, including sonic,
visual and audiovisual media art, which explore theory-practice
interchange in contemporary media.

Topics for consideration might include (but are not limited to):

 practising media theory and theorising media practice
 time, space and place in networked media
 collaboration, participation and co-habitation in networked media
 producing and studying artefacts in a dematerialised mediascape
 media landscapes and soundscapes
 practice as research
 public participation in the mediascape and user-generated content
 regulating the mediascape
 the amateur archive
 changing notions of professionalism
 interdisciplinary approaches to media theory and practice
 politics, identity and the mediascape
 theory, practice and pedagogy
 the new mediascape â€" radical change or makeover?

Submit 200 word proposals by 14 January 2008 to Dr Andy Birtwistle
Department of Media, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury,
Kent, CT1 1QU.
Please include your name, affiliation (where appropriate),
home and office telephone numbers, postal and email addresses with your
Please include any A/V requirements with your submission.

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