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Sorcha Ni Fhlainn
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A collection of essays is underway for a book exploring the complexities
and cultural signatures of the Back To the Future Trilogy (Dir. Robert
Zemekis, Universal Pictures, 1985; 1989; 1990). I am seeking academic
essays on topics of cultural analysis exploring the intricacies, importance
and endurance of these films, within (but not limited to) the areas listed
below. Please send proposals of 300 words (and short biography) or
completed essays between 5-7,000 words (with biography and full
bibliography) to Sorcha Ní Fhlainn, School of English, Trinity College
Dublin, before December 31st 2007.

Suggested Topics:

-Characterisation in the Back To The Future Trilogy (Marty, Doc, George &
Lorraine McFly, Biff Tannen etc…)
-The problems of Time Travel (Time paradoxes etc)
- The visioning of the future in Back To The Future Part 2.
-The cultural significance of each period explored in the trilogy in the
American Psyche.
- Product placement in the Trilogy
- ‘Doubles’ and Doubling in Back To The Future parts 2 and 3
- 1980s teen cinema
- Music, Score and Sound in the trilogy.
- Roles and Role-Reversal in the trilogy
- Robert Zemekis as possible auteur.
- The West as represented in Back To the Future part 3
- Significant and repeated imagery in the trilogy.
- Technology in the trilogy
- Race, Class and Consumerism in the trilogy
- The DeLorean and its symbolism.

Suggestions for other proposed essays and topics are very welcome. Please
email all proposals and papers to before December 31st 2007.

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