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Daniel Fusch
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Dante's Heart: A Journal of Myth, Fairytale, Folklore, and Fantasy is
calling for reviews of books, art, and film on an ongoing basis; reviews
received by Nov 30 will be considered for the December 2007 issue.

Please contact us at with suggestions for a review;
we are very open to your ideas.

Here is a shortlist of works we would especially like to see reviewed; we
will be updating this list frequently, so please check back. This list is
meant to be suggestive, not restrictive.

Except in rare cases, reviews should be no longer than 600 words.

Adrian, Chris. The Children's Hospital
Brooks, Max. World War Z
Gaiman, Neil. Fragile Things
Lawhead, Stephen R. Hood; Scarlet
McCarthy, William Bernard. Cinderella in America
Overstreet, Jeffrey. Auralia's Colors
Wolfe, Gene. Pirate Freedom

Pan's Labyrinth

Stock, Lisa, and Connie Toebe. The Cobweb Forest

Dante's Heart offers a biannual, online venue for established and
new writers and artists to share creative work that explores how myth
and fairy tale define and are defined by the human experience(s).
We want to celebrate the shock, wonder, bewilderment, suffering,
and enchantment of myth, of the fantastic; we want to hear about
rivers running with wine and ghosts jumping the Mississippi on
motorcycles. We're concerned with the neglect of myth, with the
blindness of a culture determined by myths it hasn't thought about;
we demand (beg, entreat, scream) that myths be thought about,
made and remade, handled with a delicate & angry/sad/
desperate/joyous exuberance.

Visit us at Send submissions and correspondence to:

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