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Hanna Sommerseth

Call for papers: Forum, the University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Journal of
Culture and the Arts
Issue 6, spring 08.
The Desire Issue

Desire is the very essence of man
- Spinoza
We always long for the forbidden things, and desire what is denied us
- Francois Rabelais

Timeless, universal, mysterious: A theoretical concept that has challenged
thinkers in fields such as philosophy, psychoanalysis, and feminism; and a
personal emotion that has inspired artists in literature, fine arts, film,
and music. Yet beyond simply recognizing the various facets of desire, how
does one reconcile them? How is the spectrum of desire represented? Forum,
the University of Edinburgh's Postgraduate Journal of Culture and the Arts,
invites contributions that consider such questions for its next issue,
"Desire." We especially encourage submissions that address the
multi-dimensionality of desire - that is, approaching desire not only as a
theoretical construct informed by various schools of thought, but also as
an organic force driving aesthetic representation. Whether emotional or
erotic, fleeting or all-consuming, desire has shown its near-infinite
variety in past, present, and future expressions. Can the dynamic enigma of
desire ever be solved, or is such a pursuit merely wishful thinking?
We are seeking articles which engage with the concept of desire in
literature, art, film, theatre, popular culture and the media.

Submissions could consider, but are not limited to, any of the following:
Hierarchies of desire - subjects and objects
Gender, sexuality and desire
Forbidden longings: desire, tragedy, controversy
Performing desire: onscreen, onstage, on paper
Defining desire: language, theory, philosophy
Lust for power: the drive to dominate
Reality vs. ideality in pop culture
Desire and duality: attraction-repulsion, physical-emotional, nature-culture
Appetite, production, consumption
Speaking desire: oral traditions

The deadline for article submissions is Friday, January 11th. Papers should
be between 3,000 and 5,000 words and formatted in accordance with the MLA
guidelines and should be submitted to:

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