CFP: [Science] A Vonnegut Retrospective (12/15/07; ALA '08; 5/22-5/25/08

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Susan Farrell
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Now accepting proposals for a panel at:
The American Literature Association Conference
May 22-25, 2008
San Francisco


Since Kurt Vonnegut’s death in April of 2007, the popular media has made numerous tributes
and launched a few attacks, most notably Fox News’ vituperative April 16, 2007 obituary. It
seems time for a more scholarly retrospective on Vonnegut’s life and work. This panel will
explore Vonnegut’s influence on contemporary literature as well as new directions for Vonnegut
criticism in the 21st Century. Papers may address, but are not limited to, the following topics:

--Vonnegut and postmodernism
--Neglected or overlooked works in the Vonnegut canon
--The trajectory of Vonnegut’s career
--Vonnegut as science fiction writer
--Vonnegut’s influence on other writers
--Vonnegut and Abstract Expressionism/Vonnegut as visual artist
--Race/Gender in Vonnegut’s work
--Vonnegut as stylist
--Humor in Vonnegut
--The political Vonnegut
--Vonnegut in the 21st Century

Please e-mail 500-word abstracts by December 15, 2007 to Susan Farrell, College of Charleston,

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Susan Farrell
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College of Charleston
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