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Angela Dunstan

Philament, the online journal of the arts and culture affiliated with the
University of Sydney
(http://www.arts.usyd.edu.au/publications/philament), invites
postgraduate scholars to contribute articles, fictocriticism, reviews,
and opinions for…

Issue 12: Habits and Habitat

Send to: philament_at_arts.usyd.edu.au

“The idea that what we are as living, thinking, experiencing beings is
inseparable from the place in which we live â€" our lives are saturated by
the places, and by the things and other persons intertwined with those
places, through which we move, in which our actions are located, and with
respect to which we orient and locate ourselves.”
- J.E. Malpas -

Possible themes include, but are not limited to:

habitus, lived space, reading before bedtime, ideology, site-specific,
home, town and country, tales of the city, apartment living, the hearth,
a room of one’s own, the ergonomic triangle, demographics, home is where
the heart is, domestic, architecture, place versus space, keep a roof
over your head, virtual environments, Second Life, MySpace, Civilisation,
Facebook, Twitter, Sim city, the blogosphere, global community, changing
habits, wildlife, Greenpeace, conservation and fragmentation, ethnology,
affordable housing, poetics of space, suburbia, religious habit/s, rite
and ritual, nuns, religious apparel, illusion, identity, spatiality,
family, homelessness, customs and culture, addiction, obsessive
compulsive disorder, habituation and the unconscious, pleasure and pain,
evolution, instinct and learning, the quarter acre block, embodied world-

Philament accepts submissions in the form of:

Academic papers: up to 8,000 words.

Opinion pieces: reviews (book, stage, screen, etc.), conference reports,
short essays, responses to papers previously published in Philament
issues. Limit of 1000 words.

Creative Work: in the form of writing, images, sounds or a mixture of any
or all three. All
submissions should be limited to three pieces.

All submissions may be sent as email attachment in a PC-readable format
to philament_at_arts.usyd.edu.au.

Please include a brief biographical summary, as well as a short
description of the inspiration for or genesis of the submitted work.

Academic papers must include footnotes and conform to the Philament house
style of referencing (see
http://www.arts.usyd.edu.au/publications/philament/submissions.htm ).

Philament will only accept submissions that have not been previously
published and are not under consideration elsewhere.

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