CFP: [General] ACLA Seminar "The Challenge of Justice"

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Rebecca Saunders
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American Comparative Literature Association
April 24-27, Long Beach, CA
Seminar on "The Challenge of Justice"

Justice, both as a concept and as a set of institutional practices, is
insuperably beset by challenges: how to distinguish justice from revenge;
what relation justice bears to other forms of the good; whether justice
should be retributive, corrective, or distributive; how to distinguish
perpetrators from victims in circumstances of sustained conflict; what
constitutes “guilt,” “responsibility,” or “justice” itself; and what
emotions (anger, grief, indignation, disgust), if any, should be brought to
bear on the reasoning of law. This seminar solicits papers focused on texts
from any time period or tradition that consider these or other issues
confronting the theory and implementation of justice. Papers may focus
either on abstract conceptions of justice or on the practice of justice in
particular contexts. Those that do both are particularly welcome.

Proposals may be submitted via the ACLA website at
Deadline for Submissions: November 15

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