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CFP: “Human Rights in/as Performance” (11/15/2007; ACLA 4/24/2008-4/27/2008)

Human Rights in/as Performance”
American Association of Comparative Literature Annual Meeting 2008
Long Beach, CA
April 24-28, 2008

Call for papers for a set of panels exploring the arrival of human rights discourse in global
performance practices (drama, film, new media, political activism, etc), and its effect on these
practices. Papers addressing any aspect of the relationship between human rights and
performance, and from any time period and geographical location, are welcome. The following
questions are of particular interest: How has the question of human rights been represented in
various performance practices historically, and what changes do we see in the contemporary
cultural landscape? How has contemporary global human rights activism impacted local
performance practices? What is the role of theater in promoting human rights? What ethical
issues does making a “spectacle” of human rights abuses raise? Can we consider human rights
activism as performance? If so, who are the main “actors” or agents in staging human rights, and
to what extent is there a global human rights “script”?

Queries can be directed to any of the seminar leaders: Florian Becker (fnbecker_at_bard.edu), Kerry
Bystrom (kerry.bystrom_at_uconn.edu) or Brenda Werth (werth_at_american.edu).

Abstracts (250 words max) should be submitted through the ACLA website by Nov. 15, 2007:

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