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Elke Weissmann

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Just a final reminder that the deadline to send in proposals is coming up
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Television without Borders: Transfers, Translations and Transnational

An International Conference at the University of Reading

27-29 June 2008



Call for Papers


In the last few years, critics have decried the end of television, but
television has responded to challenges relatively quickly. Globalisation
has increased the revenues of many national broadcasting institutions,
created new export markets and fostered international co-productions,
while digital technologies have been adapted and exploited to entice
those audiences back that appeared to turn to other media, most notably
the internet. The conference will explore how television crosses borders:
how are television programmes imported and exported? What role do
international co-productions play? How does television translate into,
and borrow from, other media? These and many other questions will be at
the heart of the three-day conference.


Confirmed speakers are


Prof. Michele Hilmes, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Prof. Jeffrey Miller, Augustana College

Prof. John Ellis, Royal Holloway, University of London

Prof. Jonathan Bignell, University of Reading


There will also be television professionals speaking at the conference,
who will include executives, archivists and programme-makers with
expertise in television policy, international acquisitions, programme
planning and digital archiving.


We are currently seeking proposals for papers to be delivered at the
event. We are particularly, though not exclusively, interested in the
following topics:


Challenges to national television histories
Programme flow between countries
International co-productions
Adaptation of programme formats
Creation of geo-linguistic markets
National broadcasters and international programme flow
Impact of foreign product on national programming
The relationship between the global and the local
Crossing borders via the internet
Inter-medial adaptations (games, films, etc.)
The role of YouTube, TV.com, Facebook and other webpages
On Demand Services
Digital television archives
Satellite technologies and national borders
Diasporic communities and transnational television



Please send proposal of no more than 250 words with a title and brief
biographical details to the address below.



For Panels, please send a panel rationale of no more than 150 words and
the three proposals of no more than 250 words each, with biographical
details of the speakers, to the address below.


For further information or to send proposals, please contact:


Elke Weissmann: e.weissmann_at_reading.ac.uk




Elke Weissmann

University of Reading

Department of Film, Theatre and Television

Bulmershe Court

Woodlands Avenue

Reading, RG6 1HQ



Deadline for any proposals is Friday, 14 December 2007.


The conference is the culminating public event in the three-year research
project ‘British TV Drama and Acquired US Programmes, 1970-2000’, funded
by the Arts & Humanities Research Council, and aims to place the
project’s topic in a wider context. The conference and the project are
hosted by the Centre for Television Drama Studies at the University of



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