CFP: [Collections] Special Issue: Documents and Interpretation ((Vol. 34, April 2008)

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National Central University Journal of Humanities
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In the area of humanities, a central role is often awarded to the
interpretation of documents of various kinds. Theories of the document
and the archive long enjoy a scholarly standing and posses a
systematicity of their own. The interpretation and organization of
documents, through a process of theoretic reflection, gives birth
to “philosophical hermeneutics” and “archaeology of knowledge” in the
contemporary world.

The unique nature of truth and the experience of the world in the
humanities are such that they need to be manifested through the
interpretation of documents. The special issue for the upcoming Vol. 34
of National Central University Journal of Humanities will therefore focus
on the question of “Documents and Interpretation”. We welcome scholars
from the fields of literature, philosophy, religion, and scholars who
specialize in the deciphering, interpreting and application of legal
documents and codes to propose new models of interpretation.
Methodological and philosophical reflections and meta-discourses on
theoretic controversies on interpretive activities are also welcomed.

Please send submissions by post or email to, no later than
January 15, 2008. For more details, please visit our website at:

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