CFP: [Ethnic] 10th Annual Grian Conference, March 14-15, 3008

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Elizabeth Gilmartin
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Cosmopolitical Ireland
Call for Papers
The Tenth Annual GRIAN Conference
Glucksman Ireland House New York University
One Washington Mews, New York, NY 10003
Friday and Saturday, March 14-15, 2008

        What does “cosmopolitan” mean in an Irish context? In a society with a
historical experience that produced a specific and static ideal of national
identity for much of the twentieth century, how does increasing contact
through globalization and net migration challenge such conceptions of
identity? How does Ireland resist and embrace cosmopolitanism? What are the
implications for economy, civic society, culture and politics within
Ireland? What are the implications for relationships between the Republic
of Ireland and America, Britain and Northern Ireland, Europe and other
parts of the world? How did such a small country transform itself into a
significant participant in the global domain and what are the challenges
and opportunities for the future?
        The recent production of the Playboy of the Western World, rewritten by
Roddy Doyle and Bisi Adigun, and featuring a Nigerian Christy Moore, has
left Irish audiences asking one of two questions: 1) Where can I get more
of the same entertaining reinvention of the Irish canon? or 2) What's the
What ‘is’ the point? What can be observed and learned from Global Ireland
in the early 21st century?

GRIAN seeks proposals from scholars of all levels for 20 minute
presentations. Apposite topics could treat of (but are not limited to)
subject areas below. Please submit concise proposals with title, brief
description of treatment (150-200 words), academic affiliation and relevant
contact information via email to by Monday, January
21st 2008. Those whose proposals are accepted will be notified via email by
Friday February 1st 2008. Please note that Glucksman Ireland House NYU
cannot provide any funding support or accommodation arrangements for
conference participants.

The Global and the Local



Immigration, Emigration
& Migration

Ireland and Europe

Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Wealth, Lifestyle & Leisure

Tourism & Travel

Role of Irish Studies

Property & Investment at Home and Abroad

Landscape, Heritage, Infrastructure

Republic of Ireland and Great Britain

US Relations

Foreign Policy/International Relations


Health & Social Welfare
Religion & Spirituality

The ‘Celtic Tiger’ Economy

Rural and Urban Ireland

Dublin as Cosmopolitan City

Commuting and Satellite Counties/Villages

Irish Culture and the Global Stage


Media and Entertainment


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