CFP: [International] Just Images- Ethics and the Cinematic

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Film and television studies conference call for papers
Tel Aviv, Israel
CFP deadline: February 1, 2008
Conference dates: June 3-5, 2008

Just Images
Ethics and the Cinematic

“Ce n’est pas une image juste, c’est juste une image” â€" Jean-Luc Godard

What role should a turn to ethics play in the making, viewing, and study
of moving images? What relation, if any, exists between ethics and
aesthetics? Has the turn to politics, identity, social construction, and
historical responsibility also been a turn away from questions of media
specificity? Have we neglected poetics, indexicality, and the unique
materiality, spatiality, and temporality of the moving image? Would a
renewed salience of such theory entail the abandonment of moral, activist
oriented media production or study?

The Department of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University will host the
Seventh Tel-Aviv International Colloquium on Cinema and Television
Studies, June 3-5, 2008. We would like to invite scholars to submit
proposals that critically explore the relationship between moving images
and ethics. Presentations may address, but are not limited to, the
following topics:

• Responsibility, engagement, and political activism in the making,
viewing, archiving, and theorizing of moving images;
• Truths and falsehoods in the moving image and their ethical
significance; documentary and fiction, reality TV; traces and
indexicality; staging events for the screen; is the narrative in moving
images an ethical construct?
• The performative aspects of visual and scholarly texts; in what
way can they be “interventions”?
• The ethics of camera positioning; turning the camera towards and
away from a subject; watching visual texts or refusing to look;
• Alterity and the moving image; the significance of subject-
filmmaker-viewer complicity or cooperation; telling one’s own story; the
ethics of an intrusive gaze and looking at the lives of others; the ethics
of watching the “pain of others” (Sontag) in photography, film, and new
media; the ethics of violent images from which the viewers cannot escape;
the ethics of making one’s life and death public;
• Ethics and the cinematic apparatus; time, space, and the poetics
of the moving image and their ethical implications;
• Testimony, memory, shame, and guilt in films, television, and
other media;
• The Act, the Event, and their foreclosure in cinematic
• The ethics of making and remaking visual texts: artistic license,
freedom, control, and accountability; propaganda, pedagogy, independence
and disinterestedness; censorship and creativity; rights on images,
plagiarism, piracy;
• Can and should ethics be formally defined? Do affect, empathy, and
identification have a privileged role in ethics? Can visual texts
contribute to such ethical projects?
• How do certain idiosyncratic uses of the term “ethics” (Deleuze’s
Spinoza, Lacan, Levinas) relate to moving images? What role can the media
play in expanding ethics beyond inter-human relations (such as
environmental and animal ethics)?
• Auditory and visual renderings of the sublime, the obscene, the
abject, the traumatic, the sacred, and pain and suffering; filming the
intimate and the secret and the ways their unrestricted display might
reconfigure the relation between the private and the public;
• Turns and returns, visions and revisions, divisions and
demarcations, exclusions and exceptions in society, moving images, and
scholarship; are there aesthetic/ethical corpuses or eras in visual texts
and in theory? Who or what is exempt from ethical scrutiny? Is there
an “ethical turn” in media studies?
Sessions will be held in English.
Please email proposals to: by February 1, 2008.

Selected papers from the Sixth Tel-Aviv International Colloquium on Cinema
and Television Studies are forthcoming in Framework, 49-1 (Spring 2008).
We will strive to publish selected papers from this year’s conference in a
refereed journal or academic press.

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