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mohammad mehdi zare
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Suggests a theory in which religion supposed as a play which has been
translated into different languages in different ages for different
societies. The original text of this play is written by who is called
ALLAH (by Muslims), God (by Christians), Yasatas (in ancient Persian),
Yazdan and IZAD (in Persia). People, who believe in a creator, they have
a holly book and they believe that it is the word of god and he has sent
it to them by his prophets; Muslims’ book is called Koran, Christians’
book is called Gospel, Jewish book has called Tanach, and the
Zoroastrians’ book is Avesta. All of us pray and worship a creator ; we
all believe that when good people die, they go to a beautiful and calm
part which is called JANNAT, PARADISE, FERDOUS and PARDISE and BEHESHT;
And criminals are sent to the part that is called INFERNO, HELL,
JAHANNAM, DOOZAKH, … .All religions are just different in some details;
Some common and non-common features of the four common religions have
been collected in this article and it has been tried the reasons of these
The results show a kind of cultural adaptation and localization in
different ages, in different regions and areas.

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