UPDATE: [Science] Visions of Tomorrow: Science and Utopia in German Culture

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Diana Spokiene
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CFP: A REMINDER: Visions of Tomorrow: Science and Utopia in German

Workshop to be held at the 11th International Conference of ISSEI, the
International Society for the Study of European Ideas, from 28 July â€" 2
August 2008 at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Conference theme:
Language and the Scientific Imagination.

This workshop aims to explore intersections between cultural and
scientific discourses in German-speaking Europe from the 18th century to
the present. It will examine ways in which texts from the whole spectrum
of cultural production (e.g. literature, film, music, architecture,
photography) articulate the tensions between the perceived credibility
and reliability of science and the subjective intervention of the artist.
The workshop will investigate how cultural discourses over the last three
centuries have mediated and commented on scientific ideas and advances,
and whether and how cultural representations of these ideas impacted
scientific discourses themselves.
Within this thematic framework, we are especially interested in ways in
which artists use(d) the scientific discourse of their time to imagine
the future and to formulate utopian or dystopian visions of society. We
invite papers which explore texts reflecting interconnections between
scientific and cultural discourses and their utopian/ dystopian visions.
Possible aspects to examine include (but are not restricted to) utopian
thinking on
- society’s changing social structure
- racial, ethnic, and gender differences
- generational relationships
- urban spaces
- natural environment
- education and knowledge

While the workshop will focus primarily on the cultural discourse of
German-speaking Europe, papers exploring cross-cultural influences on
utopian thought are also very welcome.

Please email proposals of max 500 words to Gabriele Mueller or Diana
Spokiene, or send them by letter to the address below. Please submit
proposals by 14 December 2007. More detailed information about the
conference is available at http://issei2008.haifa.ac.il/ .

Gabriele Mueller
Department of Lang., Lit. and Ling.
York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON
M3J 1P3
Tel: 416.736.2100, x20078
Fax: 416.736.5483
Email: gmueller_at_yorku.ca
Diana Spokiene
Department of Lang., Lit. and Ling
York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON
M3J 1P3
Tel: 416.736.2100, x88745
Fax: 416.736.5483
Email: spokiene_at_yorku.ca

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