CFP: [Film] Heroes and Home Fronts

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Lisa DeTora
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Additional essays are welcome on the following topics for an accepted volume:

Melodramatic heroes
Military violence and home fronts
Heroes in Disney films
Recent heroic films (Troy, Beowulf, Kingdom of Heaven, etc.)
Woman as hero in film

The implications ongoing shifts in the idea of the home front are of
scholarly interest because the home, or a specific idealized model of
“home,” informs most popular views of heroism, particularly when that
heroism is constructed through technology, violence, and adventure.
Technological advances in military action propelled the major conflicts of
the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and advanced domestic technology, a
long-standing linkage in the popular imagination. In most popular forms,
heroes defend home and family life while villains seek to destroy it, often
using the same tools and tactics. The intersection of a physical household
or community behind enemy lines and the hero that defends that home place,
is the subject of the collection.

Please send inquiries as soon as possible. Complete essays will be due on
or about January 15th to Essays should be
5,000-7,000 words in length and formatted in Chicago style.

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