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Davin Heckman

Call for papers - LEA New Media Subversion
Editors: Davin Heckman and Hai Ren

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac (ISSN No: 1071-4391) is inviting
papers and artworks that address aspects of "Subversion" in the era of
New Media.

In A Brief History of Neoliberalism, David Harvey defines
"Neoliberalism" as the idea that "the social good will be maximized"
by "bring[ing] all human action into the domain of the market" (3).
Harvey continues, explaining that Neoliberalism "requires
technologies of information creation and capacities to accumulate,
store, transfer, analyse, and use massive databases to guide decisions
in the global marketplace" (3). In other words, new models of liberty
are tied to new technologies and new economic practices.

The avant-garde tradition in the arts, on the other hand, prides
itself in its ability to resist, critique, and subvert the dominant
order. Art's most tepid manifestations provide flights of fancy, its
most radical manifestations call for revolution. But in the age of
Neoliberalism, what restrictions does art aim to subvert? What
liberty does it hope to achieve? What strategies and tactics might it
employ in pursuit of its goals?

This special issue of LEA aims to explore opportunities for and
obstacles to subversion in the age of New Media.

Topics of interest might include (but are not limited to):
The Political
Lifestyle and Interactivity
Consumer Culture and Web 2.0
Fictitious Capital/Immaterial Labour
Normative Subversion
Data Mining and Predictive Modeling
Artificial Intelligence
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Publishing Opportunities
As part of this special, LEA is looking to publish:

- Critical Essays
- Artist Statement/works in the LEA Gallery
- Bibliographies (a peer reviewed bibliography with key
texts/references in New Media Subversion)
- Academic Curriculum (LEA encourages academics conducting course
programmes in this area to contact us)

LEA encourages international artists / academics / researchers /
students / practitioners / theorists to submit their proposals for
consideration. We particularly encourage authors outside North America
and Europe to submit essays / artists statements.

Proposals should include:

- A brief description of proposed text (200-300 words)
- A brief author biography
- Any related URLs
- Contact details

In the subject heading of the email message, please use *Name of
Artist/Project Title: LEA New Media Subversion - Date Submitted.*
Please cut and paste all text into body of email (without attachments).

Editorial Guidelines:
Deadline: January 25, 2008

Please send proposals or queries to:

Davin Heckman
Nisar Keshvani
LEA Editor-in-Chief

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