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Krystal McMillen

Call For Papers: Power of Form and Forms of Power

Annual AEGIS Conference at SIUC
Carbondale Illinois
April 3rd-5th 2008

The Association of English Graduate Instructors and Students (AEGIS) of
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale would like to invite you to
participate in a conference that explores the myriad possibilities
presented by examining authorial control. Form, whether defined
traditionally, as in the sonnet, or pushed to new limits in the
postmodern, poses challenges, limitations, possibilities, and inspiration
for literary expression. In addition, formal choices are often made as a
result of the influence of political and cultural control. Insomuch as
examining literary form gives insight into the intentional manipulation of
a text, forms of power often influence the subject matter, themes, and/or

We encourage those submitting proposals to consider our theme in a variety
of ways including, but not limited to:
ï'§ The ways form influences subject
ï'§ The role of new-formalism in current literary studies
ï'§ The ways hegemonies influence literature
ï'§ The effect of ideologies on art
ï'§ The way in which language and national discourse drive creative

Featured speakers at this conference will include Kevin J.H. Dettmar the
author of The Illicit Joyce of Postmodernism: Reading Against the Grain
(1996), and Is Rock Dead? (2005), and editor of Rereading the New: A
Backward Glance at Modernism (1992); Marketing Modernisms: Self-Promotion,
Canonization, and Rereading (1996); Reading Rock & Roll: Authenticity,
Appropriation, Aesthetics (1999); and the Blackwell Companion to British
Literature and Culture (2005). Also featured is Pinckney Benedict the
author of Town Smokes, The Wrecking Yard, and Dogs of God.

In addition to guest speakers, this conference will feature an exhibit of
some of SIUC’s extensive collection of rare manuscripts, letters and
photographs from James Joyce, the Abbey Theatre, Richard Aldington, Henry
Miller, as well as other expatriate and modernist materials.

We invite individual paper proposals of 350-500 words for a 20-minute
conference presentation. We also encourage panel submissions (of three
papers per panel totaling 60 minutes). Panel paper proposals should be
sent together, and should be accompanied by a rationale for why these
papers are grouped together as well as a panel title (as it is to appear
on the program). Proposals should be sent to Krystal McMillen at
yvonnec_at_siu.edu by January 1st, 2008.

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