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Published by Berghahn Books (New York and Oxford)
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Editorial Board
Robert C. Davis (Ohio State University), Maria Pia Di Bella (CNRS-IRIS-
EHESS, Paris) and Brian Yothers (University of Texas at El Paso)

Editorial Advisory Board
Judith Adler (Memorial University Newfoundland), Jeremy Boissevain
(University of Amsterdam), James Buzard (MIT), Chloe Chard (London),
Simon Coleman (University of Sussex), John Eade (Roehampton University,
London), Jaïƒ' Elsner (Corpus Christi, Oxford), Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
(Tufts University and Queen Mary, University of London), Stephen
Greenblatt (Harvard University), François Hartog (Ecole des Hautes Etudes
en Sciences Sociales, Paris), Cemal Kafadar (Harvard University), Dean
MacCannell (University of California, Davis), Garry R. Marvin (Roehampton
University, London), Christopher Mele (SUNY at Buffalo), Alessandro Nova
(Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz), John Simpson (BBC World News),
Nicholas Thomas (Goldsmith’s College, London), John Urry (University of
Lancaster), Jackie Waldren (University of Oxford).

Humans have always traveled. They have made journeys for the sake of
discovery, commerce, trade, and employment; learning, science, and pure
pleasure; to fulfill religious obligations and to impose political and
administrative systems. Some journeys have been physical, some imaginary,
others spiritual: all have involved notions and experiences of change and
given new meanings, shapes and significance to the world for those
engaged in traveling. The experiences, reflections, thoughts and
commentaries of travelers have also changed how others have perceived and
understood other places, cultures and societies.
Travel writing and other representations of journeys as cultural
practices and products are engaging the attention of scholars and
commentators in a wide range of disciplines, as they recognize both the
existence and the sophistication of a broad range of texts that can be
examined and interpreted in terms of social and cultural significance.
Through what they have read, people are encouraged to seek out new
experiences in different countries and cultures and their experiences
feed back into written commentaries on travel and tourism. So popular is
travel writing as a genre that major bookshops have entire sections
devoted to the topic, and there are even bookshops that stock nothing but
books of this type.
There is now a substantial literature in this area for which Journeys
offers a specialist forum for articles, debate, and reviews. The remit of
Journeys is to reflect the rich diversity of travels and journeys as
social and cultural practices as well as their significance as
metaphorical processes. It is a broad-based interdisciplinary journal of
particular relevance for those interested in the study of travel writing
from the perspectives of anthropology, social history, religious studies,
human geography, sociology, literary criticism and cultural studies.

Journeys has been published twice a year since October 2000. The editors
are now actively seeking contributions for future issues. Manuscripts and
requests for further information can be directed to:

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