CFP: [Cultural-Historical] "American Indians Today: Emigrational conflict and the Jockeying for Cultural Hegemony"

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Rebecca M Seaman
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Panel for Southwest/Texas Popular and American Cultural Conference in
Albuquerque, NM, Feb 13-16, 2008. The panel seeks to explore the historic
and current phenomena of repeated migrations of people into North America
and the reactions of dominant cultural groups and incoming cultural
groups. In particular, the panel seeks to explore how Native Americans
have faired in this cyclical process of cultural struggles to dominate or
just to survive. I propose to present a paper that explores the historic
backdrop of this cultural struggle as it moved across North America,
affecting various groups of Native Americans in the wake of advancing
European based cultures. Other participants will be asked to contribute
with more modern variations of the cultural struggle, keeping Native
Americans at the core of the panel discussion. Examples of the cultural
issues at hand should definitely include language, with the
repeating “English Only” movement and its impact on Native American
culture, and possibly include other cultural clashes, such as the bans on
Native American dance and certain artistic expressions. Please send
proposals to Dr. Rebecca Seaman, by December 31,
2007 to guarantee consideration.

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