CFP: [American] ALA Conference 5/22/08-5/25/08 - Philip Roth and the visual arts

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James Bloom
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA (May 22 - 25, 2008)

The Philip Roth Society is looking for papers to be presented at the 2008
American Literature Association Conference on the topic of Roth and the
visual arts. The panel could cover the wide range of ways in which
various visual arts and artists inform Roth's writing and recur
throughout. Suggested topics and selected examples include:

- References and allusions - Famous "real-life" artworks, painters,
sculptors in Roth's fiction: library & domestic architecture Gauguin in
_Goodbye, Columbus_; Athenian Roman architecture, Acco ruins, and Borglum
statue in _Portnoy's Complaint_; El Greco and Velázquez in _The Ghost
Writer_; Tintoretto & Jim Henson in _Sabbath's Theater_.
- Characters - Fictional visual artists: Uncle Asher in _Letting Go_,
Roy's art school in _When She Was Good_, Mickey Sabbath, Everyman's late-
life calling.
- Biography/influence - Artists associated with Roth: Guston, Kitaj.
Packaging - Cover art: Otto Dix on _Sabbath's Theater_, Modigliani on
_The Dying Animal_.
- The movies - Movie references and allusions: Heddy Lamar in _Goodbye,
Columbus_, forties stars in _Portnoy's Complaint_, Alec Guinness in
_Operation Shylock_, Deep Throat in _American Pastoral_.
- Movie adaptations of Roth: _Goodbye, Columbus_, _Portnoy's Complaint_,
_The Human Stain_, _The Dying Animal_, _The Ghost Writer_ (PBS series
American Short Story adaptation)
- Roth's Style - Roth's pictorial style as in the distinction in The
Human Stain between "the whole story" and "the whole picture."
- Landscapes - Trees & deer paddock in _Goodbye, Columbus_; VT leaf
season, Israel, the wild west of Jersey in _Portnoy's Complaint_;
Berkshires in _The Ghost Writer_ & _The Human Stain_; ice-fishing pond in
_The Human Stain_; "the Shore" and various cityscapes throughout Roth's

Please send all paper abstracts, along with full contact information, to:

James D. Bloom
Class of 1932 Research Professor
English & American Studies
Muhlenberg College
Allentown PA 18104-5586
TEL 484-664-3317/FAX 3633

All presenters on Roth Society-sponsored panels must be members of the
Philip Roth Society by the time of the conference.

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