CFP: [Children] Children's Literature and the Legal System

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Ramona Caponegro
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“Children’s Literature and the Legal System”
Children's Literature Association Sponsored Session
2008 MLA Convention
San Francisco, December 2008
Deadline for submission of abstracts: March 15, 2008

Numerous authors, including Mark Twain, Charlotte Mary Yonge, J.K.
Rowling, and Walter Dean Myers, have included scenes of trials and/or
prisons within their works for children. These portrayals of legal
systems vary, both in the presented ideologies about governmental
institutions and in the ways in which the law functions. Sometimes the
legal system described is integral to the story; other times, the
courtroom dramas and prison scenes are used merely as plot devices to
hasten the story along or to impart a lesson.

Works of children’s literature and culture make their way into the courts
as well with legal cases arising over copyright issues, plagiarism, and
censorship. Some creations for and about children, like the novels of
Hesba Stretton and the photographs of Lewis Hine, are also intended to
increase public support for child protection laws. This panel invites
papers exploring the intersection of children’s books and media and legal
systems. Possible topics include authors’ and artists’ use and
manipulation of legal systems; legal cases about children’s books; and
reformers who use their art to influence public opinion about laws
involving children.

Send 500 word abstracts by March 15 to Ramona Caponegro

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